A Song to Long For

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A Song to Long For

About the Film

Zeki Müren and Cahide Sonku share the leading roles in A Song to Long For, filmed in 1953. Telling the story of a young man who becomes a famous singer with the help of a woman, the film is a first in many aspects. Co-directed and produced by Cahide Sonku, the film also marks Zeki Müren’s acting debut, and has heralded the return of films based on songs. The song “Beklenen Şarkı,” after which the film is named, is a waltz composed by Zeki Müren in the nihavend makam. The film enjoyed great commercial success following its release.

  • Producer: Cahide Sonku
  • Cast: Zeki Müren, Cahide Sonku, Abdurrahman Palay, Sami Ayanoğlu
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitles: Turkish, English