Piano Girl


Piano Girl

Murat Saraçoğlu

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Piano Girl

About the Film

A Malakan who resettled from Russia after the Russo-Turkish War in his childhood, Mişka operated the old water-powered mill in a small village of Kars. Unable to compete with the modern electrical mills, he has ended up in financial trouble. Popuç, the grumpy woman of the village, does not want Mişka in the village, and the villagers are caught between her and the kind and friendly Mişka. Alma, the youngest of Popuç’s granddaughters, is musically talented, and Mişka teaches her on his old piano, a heirloom from his family. Through the warm friendship that develops between the two, idiosyncratic stories of the village emerge. Set in a village in Kars, the film tells a warm and naive story.

  • Producer: Tolga Aydın
  • Cast: Şerif Sezer, Tarık Akan, Levent Tülek
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitles: Turkish


2009 Antalya Film Festival National Feature Film Competition – Best Music Award