A Night of Knowing Nothing

02/06/2022 - 03/06/2022

A Night of Knowing Nothing

Payal Kapadia

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Büyülü Fener Kızılay Salon 1


France / India

A Night of Knowing Nothing

About the Film

L, a university student in India, writes letters to her estranged lover while he is away. Through these letters, we get a glimpse into the drastic changes taking place around her.

In her directorial debut that won the Best Documentary Award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Payal Kapadia delivers an amorphous narrative where reality merges with fiction, dreams, memories, fantasies and anxieties. Based on personal letters, the film comments on the political atmosphere in India. As the film invites the audience to witness recent issues from film students rising up against a reactionary university president to the caste system that estranges lovers, it also pushes the limits of cinematic expression.

  • Producer: Thomas Hakim, Julien Graff
  • Language: Hindi, Bengali
  • Subtitles: Turkish, English


2021 Cannes Film Festival Best Documentary
2021 Lisbon Film Festival Best Film
2021 Mar del Plata Film Festival Best Film