Our Ark

02/06/2022 - 03/06/2022

Our Ark

Deniz Tortum Kathryn Hamilton

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Büyülü Fener Kızılay Salon 1, Büyülü Fener Kızılay Salon 4



Our Ark

About the Film

Technology experts attempting to back up animals, plants and objects by scanning them, power figures who believe that the world we are living in is a simulation, scientists who have laid the groundwork for the virtual worlds we are starting to live in…

Our Ark muses on our efforts to make digital copies of the world, as if ecological catastrophe could be prevented with a digital Noah’s Ark. Having made its world premiere at the prestigious IDFA, the film won the Best Short Film Award at the 2022 İstanbul Film Festival.

⚠️ The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the participation of the filmmakers.

  • Producer: Firat Sezgin, Institute of Time
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Turkish


2022 İstanbul Film Festival Best Short Film